Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A trip to Mom's House

Since we hadn't been "home" for a visit since Christmas, my sister and I decided that Mom's Birthday would be a great reason to make a quick trip. I told Flint that the trip was not just for her birthday, but to help her with projects that will get her house ready to sell this summer, but I had a suspicion that we would be doing more visiting than working. (I just needed to plan a longer trip.)

Michal and I loaded up her new minivan with all our children and all the luggage (and then some) required for taking them on a quick road trip, and hit the road last Sunday after church.

We were well stocked with books on tape and DVDs for the kids, but somehow forgot that we would want (need) some chocolaty treat to sustain us through the trip. We made due with much more righteous sugar snap peas that we pretended were peanut M&Ms.

Monday, while mom was at work, we took the kids down to the tide pools at Cabrillo Beach. We ate lunch on the grass above the beach.

Isaac chewed on his fingers while everyone else ate.

And then his sunglasses.

Even though Bronwen offered to share her roll.

The tide were too high by the time we finished eating, but we had enjoyed ourselves so much, we went back on Tuesday with the kids, Grammy Julie, Paige, Emily and Noah.

It was a beautiful morning at the beach.

We did actually spend some time with Mom, celebrating her birthday and helping around the house, but since this is getting so long already,I guess I save that for another post.


Mahina said...

oh, how i miss the beach! we need to move!

Michal said...

you didn't mention the puking in my new car. you're no fun. that was so bloggable.:)

i loved seeing your photos (as opposed to the ones i took) of our beach days. i need to send you some of the adorable pictures i have of isaac from the trip.

Erika said...

So fantastic seeing you guys. Hope you come down again soon so we can go to the beach with you :-)

Nana said...

I had not seen those pictures...wish I had been there. Hope that is what retirement is all about.

Smith Family said...

Hi! I found your blog from Michal's and I thought that I would say hi. How fun that you are married and have a beautiful little boy. Congrats!

I was just thinking about you the other day... you probably don't remember but when we both worked at TenFold we had the same Eddie Bauer watch. Silly memory, I know. I loved that watch though, in fact, I still love that watch. I have been on a quest for a watch that I like more for years but I can't find one and this one keeps ticking so I still wear it! Pathetic I know. But as I checked the time the other day I thought of you and wondered how long you ended up wearing that same old watch. I am sure that you have moved on to better things, but it was a funny random thought. Anyway, sorry about the novel! I am glad that things are going so well for you and I wanted to say hi.

I have a blog if you want to check it out sometime..
Take care! Tami Smith

Anonymous said...

this is henry. i like it.