Monday, May 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Wow! I can't believe that it has been so long since I have blogged. I guess I just wanted you to read about my mom over and over. :) It may also be that even though I have lots I could blog about, I keep getting "tagged" to disclose things about myself that I would just as well keep secret. I guess the time has come to respond to my tags so that I can get past this roadblock.

The weekend after Mother's Day Flint, Isaac and I took a quick three day trip down to visit my mom. One evening while I was there, I took a minute to read Michal's blog. She had been tagged: What's in Your Purse? I laughed as I scrolled down, down and down the page to see all of the things that she had in her bag and her funny commentary about them. I was glad that I was looking at her bag and not mine, because although she had a lot in her purse, I was traveling and my purse is also my diaper/baby bag. Then I saw it, my name at the bottom of her post! I had been tagged to empty my bag too!

I waited until I got home from my trip, although I didn't change the contents of my bag, to empty it out and photograph the mess. Keep in mind that there are very few pockets in this bag and most of these random loose items and just in a jumble at the bottom of the bag! I followed Michal's lead and organized the contents into categories so that it didn't look as bad as it really was. :)

First, I'll show the diaper/baby stuff:
- two diapers, (no wet wipes, oops!), a pair of pajamas, an extra onesie, two pairs of clean socks and two and a half pairs of dirty socks.
- three burp rags (that I can never find when I need them), a pacifier that Isaac has NEVER taken, an aspirator, baby Oragel and Tylenol, Aloe sun block paste, Vaseline, two packages of gauze dressing, an alcohol swab, and two Purelan 100 samples that I got at the Hospital to help take care of Isaac's umbilical chord, etc.
- a blanket, chew ring, board book, squeaky monkey, a spider/fly rattle/squeaky/chew toy, two chew toy elders (I know it is a little disrespectful, but they were a gift and Isaac likes them.)

- Cheerios, graduates snacks, a box of golden raisins, 1/2 package of star burst, two root beer barrels, one ring pop.

My paperwork/junk

- a stack of fliers for the Young Women's Mother Daughter Reception that I was helping to put on, two crumpled and chewed on (by Isaac) programs from the Young Women Recognition night, one relief Society calender of events, the recipe packet from the Relief Society cooking Enrichment activity (yummy spinach and cheese calzones) two books that I needed to mail out for a book exchange that I was also "tagged" to do, the 6 book exchange letters that I need to send to my unsuspecting friends and relatives, my young women's calender/misc. paperwork, the primary songbook DVD set, a friends and family discount for Macy's, a thank you note from a friend.
- seven pens, two paper clips, a rubber band, a cold stone punch card with one punch, my new AAA card, a macy's furniture store business card, and my very dirty wallet...

- feminine products, a bobby pin, a hair brush compact (it is actually one of Isaac's favorite chew toys), a travel bottle of Tylenol and a zip lock bag of extra strength Excedrin.

- a deck of cards (you never know when you'll have time for a quick card game.) and a Christmas's cross stitch ornament from the Christmas Enrichment Activity (hidden in one of seldom used pockets.)

- and all of this trash and crummy stuff. Yuck.

I don't tag anyone! You're welcome.


Becster said...

I feel like I need to go through my diaper bag and add things after seeing what you have. No wonder I always feel so unprepared! I've tried to minimize, but now to a fault. Does anyone have a diaper? Toys to entertain my baby? My friends will thank you!

Michal said...

i am cracking up at the "you're welcome." it was a heinous meme, i know. thanks for playing along. you're the bestest. and look at all those chew toys for isaac--you should have put the aspirator among them when you sorted!:)

Erin said...

Oh my word! I am amazed that you fit all that in your bag! I agree with Rebecca...I now feel that I need to add a few things.