Monday, June 30, 2008

The men in my life...

Aren't they cute!

Ready or not....

Guess who has become mobile and very active?

I have to be really careful. For some reason he loves the bathroom and makes a b-line for it every time I forget and leave the door open. I'll take Erika's experience as a warning.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Francisco!

I am having a hard time motivation myself to post. I think it is because I have so many other blogs on my "reading list". By the time I finish reading and commenting on others, I have already spent way too long just sitting at the computer and either need to pay attention to my son, or my housework.

Tonight, I got Isaac down for the night and decided to not even check my Google Reader until I posted about our wonderful girls day in San Francisco. Michal's wonderful husband gave her an early birthday present, and I was one of the lucky few to benefit from it too! The limo picked us up around 9:30 a.m. and we were chauffeured into the city and around town all day! We enjoyed the drive so much that we didn't even notice the traffic, until our driver put down the window to comment on it. We were too busy girl talking, eating cranberry scones and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Isaac was the only baby that was allowed to come, and he was a star! I may have caught him letting out a couple "oh ladies!" sighs as all six of us stood around the bead carts and tried on jewelery, oohhhed and aahhhed, deliberated and debated... so many to choose from!

This one is perfect...oh, maybe I like this one better...
Should I get a bracelet and earrings to match?

"Do you like the orange with silver, the orange with black, or the orange with orange?"

We did catch him clapping and shouting for joy when we finally made our selections and decided that it was time to move on.

Only to stop 15 yards away to admire the cute little hand-made beanie hats.

What a good sport! (No, I didn't buy it.)

His favorite part of the day was dinner. He loved the spinach and cheese ravioli that I got, but he spent most of his time charming the servers!
How could you resit that smile? After about ten minutes of them standing behind us and making him smile (it was a small restaurant and we were right next to the open kitchen.) one of the waiters finally asked if he could pick him up.
He continued to charm them, as they held him and got him to laugh. They even gave him a little private tour of the kitchen.
"Oh, what's that? Dessert? Put me back down please!"
An amazing white chocolate, lemon tart.
And a decadent chocolate walnut tort.
"Thanks for sharing ladies! Happy Birthday Aunt Michal!"
"I'll wait for you at the jewelery booths anytime."
"Don't even think about putting me in another one of those silly hats!"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Isaac Slideshow

Just another slideshow of our beautiful little guy.


Guess who loves watermelon? He feels so big to be able to hold the whole piece and gnaw on it with his two little teeth.

I don't have to worry about him eating too much and upsetting his little stomach because it seems like he likes the rind best!

Maybe it's because this is still an early summer melon. We'll see how he likes the fruit when it is bright red and at it's best.

p.s. Yes, he has a pink bib on. Thanks for sharing Bronwen! You saved his shirt from a sticky mess, and he is secure enough with his manhood to not even be phased by the color.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tagged Again (I thought)

I read Mahina's Keeping it Real post on Friday and thought that the Allison that she tagged was me. So ... I walked around my house and took pictures. (It was not too bad since I had already started to clean for the guests that I was having over on Saturday.) I sat back down later that day to start my post and realized that the Allison she tagged was not me after all. Then Isaac demanded more of my attention, so I put it off for later.

I had decided that I did not need to to the post after all. Then Michal tagged me anyway!

So here goes:

the rules: you must take 10 pictures of the following things right away without straightening or cleaning (that's the part that worried me). then you tag 5 others.

1. The fridge:
- not too bad, except that the nearly full container of spinach is slimy and needs to be thrown out. I still need to wash and properly store the grocery bag of romaine lettuce that my neighbor gave me. I really should to finish cutting up that watermelon or it will never get eaten. Plus, that ice cube tray is empty. Jared would grumble about Johnson girls who never refill the ice tray if he saw. :)

2. My Closet:

- Mine is not too bad, although I do need more clothes in it. :) (Yes, that is a boppy pillow on the floor.) Good thing I did not have to take a picture of my linen closet or my game/movie closet. Those are embarrassing!

3. The kitchen sink:

- Since the dishwasher is running the sink has a small collection of dishes. Definitely one of it's better days. 4. The toilet:

- not too bad, but I can't for the life of me get the hard water ring (that was there when we moved in) to come off. Any suggestions?

5. My favorite shoes:

- Life would be great if we could always just wear flip flops.

6. My favorite room:

-It may not be my dream kitchen, but I sure love it.

7.What are my kids doing?

-Isaac was sitting on the floor watching mommy takes pictures. (Right now he is squirming around on my lap while I type one handed.)

8. The laundry pile:

- Not bad, this is only two loads and they only came out of the washer this morning.

9. Self Portrait:

-I could have done without this one. I like to think that the close-up camera angle is the reason I look so chinny. :)

10. Dream Vacation:

-I don't have a picture of that one yet, but I came pretty close in March when we went to Hawaii.