Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun at the Griffith Park Observatory

We spent our Christmas holiday with both Flint's family and my family down in LA. While we were there the weather was beautiful. Well it did rain one day, but when it cleared away, so did all of the smog. The sky was crystal clear! We could see all the way to Catalina, the Hollywood sign and the snow capped mountains. Flints brothers got out to enjoy the weather by going on a mountain bike adventure which looked like a lot of fun, but a little too much exertion for our lazy behinds. We opted to take a scenic drive up to the Griffith Park Observatory to see LA's panoramic views.

Unfortunately, most of LA was on the same wavelength as we were, because Griffith Park was Packed! Not just the observatory but the entire mountain. The road up to the top was a slow stop and go mess. People were grabbing any parking spot that they could find. Even if it meant that they would have a mile or so to hike before reaching the observatory. Flint and I, who were in the van with Evan, Stu and Malia REALLY lucked out. We were nearly to the top, and doubting that we were ever going to find a parking spot, when the car parked right in front of us pulled out! We parked, walked to the observatory, and played around on the lawns, waiting for Michal's family and Mom (in a van about 10 min. behind us) to arrive. Stu broke out the rugby ball and he Evan and Malia kicked it around a bit.

Isaac couldn't believe his luck when we just put him down on the lawn and followed him as he wondered wherever he wanted. (I even created a new account and am still getting someone else's slide show when I try to embed it into the blog. oh well)

Michal finally called to let us know that the parking enforcement had turned them away because the lot/hillside was so full, so they just had to turn around and go home! Sorry Michal! (If it is any consolation it was freezing up there! At least 20 degrees or more colder than in town.)

We decided to take a quick look around inside, and then spent some time enjoying the sunset and taking pictures before we left.

I guess if I had realized how many pictures I would be taking before I left the house, I would have put a little more effort into my hair and make-up, and defiantly would have asked Flint to shave and brush his hair. Oh well, I guess you can tell this way that we were on vacation.

Isaac's smile is courtesy or Stu and Evan, who stood behind and did the Haka. It is a dance meant to intimidate, but their version makes Isaac laugh out loud.

We even got some pictures of Isaac sticking his tongue back at them.

I admit that for us, who lucked out with a great parking spot, the trip was defiantly worth while. (I'm pretty sure that Michal and her van full of people would not agree.) LA is rarely so clear and beautiful. I would have much rather fought the crowds on a clear day, than had the place to myself on a smoggy day. I guess that is why they have a laser light show inside; for those smoggy days.