Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disgusting things in Wonderland

I really debated weather or not this was just too gross to post about (and I don't mean blow-out diaper gross) so if you have a weak stomach beware...

I am doing an 8 week program with my ward called "Feel Great in 8". I'll post more about it later, but it is basically a program that gets you exercising, eating right, studying the scriptures and praying. I was working on the "eating right" portion of the program this morning, and feeling rather proud of myself. I decided that a hardy bowl of (Old Fashioned) oatmeal with raisins would be just the thing to start off my day.

This is something I use to do all the time, but haven't done for a while. I was loving every bite, remembering why this had been my breakfast of choice for so long, and thinking about how I actually enjoyed it more than cold cereal. I had been eating in the natural light of the morning, but Flint walked through the kitchen and flipped on the light over the table, then ....eek! I stopped the spoon mid-way between the bowl and my mouth and stared at it in horror. "It couldn't be!" " Please tell me it is just a raisin!"

A closer view...

Sadly, I came to the conclusion that it was not a raisin. I was, in fact some sort of worm or caterpillar that had been living in either my bag of raisins or oatmeal. Who knows how many more of them there had been. I had been eating in the dark! Even if I hadn't actually eaten any, it/they had been living in my cereal leaving behind unseen evidence existence. My skin still crawls at the thought. I promptly took a couple pictures, then dumped the bowl, and then the bags of unused oatmeal and raisins. I guess the Costco size bags are just a bit too big for me to use in time.

Not actually "Wonderland", or is it?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where do you find the time?

I am obviously new to blogging because I haven't figured out yet how to fit it into my schedule. When Isaac is napping I have a list of things to do that I can't possibly get done. Most of the time when I am on the computer I am holding a baby in one arm and trying to type with one hand. (not very effective).

I guess since the best bloggers out there are mothers, there must be a way to juggle the two worlds. I know that I will get better, but my blogs may be few and far between at first. Sorry!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laundry Woes, Turned Wonderful

Part two:

Since we are still adjusting to a mortgage payment and me being a stay-at-home mom, my mission was to find a new washer/dryer set that I liked, worked in the laundry room, and worked into our budget. It turns out that actually means a "newer" not "brand new" washer/dryer. For the next week I made Craig's List my web sight of choice.

Let me just say, you can find a lot of garbage on Craig's List. (Garbage that people are hoping to sell for $500, but that's another blog.) Every time I found something that looked good, I'd call and get the same response... "Oh, sweety it's already sold."
I had just about given up, when I decided to call on a washer/dryer that (like most ads without a picture) sounded too good to be true. It wasn't sold! and even though it was about a 30 minutes drive from our house, Flint and I decided that it was worth looking into. To make a long story shorter, we hit the jackpot. They were beautiful. The woman had purchased them (along with a $600,000 home that was now empty and for sale) for her daughter a year ago. The daughter was living with her again and now everything needed to go. She had bought them for over $1000, but she would sell them for $200. "$200 each?" we asked. "No, $100 each, or $200 for the pair." Needless to say, we came back as soon as we could with a truck.

Laundry seems so easy now! I actually had fun this week emptying all of the laundry baskets and changing all of the sheets. Flint is happy too, now that his "honey-do list" and my "wish list" are both a little bit shorter. (For now.)

Laundry Woes

When we moved into our house last summer, we realized that the dryer connection in the laundry room was for an electric dryer. Yes, you guessed it. I had a gas dryer. Luckily, my handy father-in-law had come to help us move, and was able to connect the dryer out in the garage by the water heater. I hoped that this would just be a temporary solution, especially since the mismatched set was one that Flint had found on a neighborhood curb with a for sale sign on it a few weeks before we got married. (Luckily, he is handy too, and was able to do the necessary repairs that would bring them back to life.)

Let's face it. I hoping for an upgrade on our "curb brand", but we had just bought our first home, and were not rushing out to buy large expensive home appliances. Weeks turned into months and I was still carting my clean cloths from the washer in the laundry room out to the dryer in the garage and then back into the house. It wasn't killing me, but you know that laundry expands exponentially when there is a baby in the house and the dryer arrangement was not making things any easier.

I was keeping up on things pretty well until it started getting cold and rainy. I started to put off switching the laundry until I had shoes on, or until the rain stopped. I had more than one load of clean laundry that turned slightly mildewy, and needed to be rewashed, after being forgotten in the washer for a day or so. I started asking Flint for help. (He seems to have shoes on more often than me :) "Honey, can you take the laundry out to to the dryer on your way out?" and "Could you run and get the dry cloths from the garage before you get dressed for bed?" etc...

Little did I know, that was all I needed to do to make a new dryer a priority for him too....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sucked In

I just got sucked in!

I feel like I have been the only one in the world without a blog, but have been resistant. I am a avid blog reader, but am still not sure that I have anything worth posting.

I love reading my siblings blogs. Their stories and pictures keep me updated and connected even though we are spread out across the United States. Actually, I live ten minutes away from my sister, and hadn't heard the hilarious story she told on her blog today. I laughed like crazy. Then I read it to my hubby. After reading through my siblings' posts I start browsing through their favorite blog links. Who needs TV when I can get swept away in hours of blogger enjoyment?

I was reading through my favorite (bookmarked) blogs tonight and realized what a moocher I am. Take, take, take...that is all I do. I finally decided that I needed to give it a try. I have a wonderfully blessed life. It's time I at least tried to share it. Now you can have a glimps of Alli's world ... or "Allison's Wonderland". An now begins my blogging adventures.

Chubby Cheeks

My Wonderful Baby Boy