Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laundry Woes, Turned Wonderful

Part two:

Since we are still adjusting to a mortgage payment and me being a stay-at-home mom, my mission was to find a new washer/dryer set that I liked, worked in the laundry room, and worked into our budget. It turns out that actually means a "newer" not "brand new" washer/dryer. For the next week I made Craig's List my web sight of choice.

Let me just say, you can find a lot of garbage on Craig's List. (Garbage that people are hoping to sell for $500, but that's another blog.) Every time I found something that looked good, I'd call and get the same response... "Oh, sweety it's already sold."
I had just about given up, when I decided to call on a washer/dryer that (like most ads without a picture) sounded too good to be true. It wasn't sold! and even though it was about a 30 minutes drive from our house, Flint and I decided that it was worth looking into. To make a long story shorter, we hit the jackpot. They were beautiful. The woman had purchased them (along with a $600,000 home that was now empty and for sale) for her daughter a year ago. The daughter was living with her again and now everything needed to go. She had bought them for over $1000, but she would sell them for $200. "$200 each?" we asked. "No, $100 each, or $200 for the pair." Needless to say, we came back as soon as we could with a truck.

Laundry seems so easy now! I actually had fun this week emptying all of the laundry baskets and changing all of the sheets. Flint is happy too, now that his "honey-do list" and my "wish list" are both a little bit shorter. (For now.)


Erika said...

hip hip hurray!!! have "fun" doing laundry now!!

Michal said...

they are beautiful. for a few days at least, you'll love doing laundry!
i hope flint is willing to go higher than 200 on a couch!;)

Spencer, Erin and Anna said...

That's great! I love Craigs List. We've purchased some great deals from that site!

Molly said...

Those are beautiful machines! Laundry is so much more fun when you love your machines. We found a good deal on ours, though not quite as good as your deal, and that made me love them even more. Happy Laundering!

Kim and Frank said...

I love doing laundry. Having good machines makes all the difference in the world, though.