Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laundry Woes

When we moved into our house last summer, we realized that the dryer connection in the laundry room was for an electric dryer. Yes, you guessed it. I had a gas dryer. Luckily, my handy father-in-law had come to help us move, and was able to connect the dryer out in the garage by the water heater. I hoped that this would just be a temporary solution, especially since the mismatched set was one that Flint had found on a neighborhood curb with a for sale sign on it a few weeks before we got married. (Luckily, he is handy too, and was able to do the necessary repairs that would bring them back to life.)

Let's face it. I hoping for an upgrade on our "curb brand", but we had just bought our first home, and were not rushing out to buy large expensive home appliances. Weeks turned into months and I was still carting my clean cloths from the washer in the laundry room out to the dryer in the garage and then back into the house. It wasn't killing me, but you know that laundry expands exponentially when there is a baby in the house and the dryer arrangement was not making things any easier.

I was keeping up on things pretty well until it started getting cold and rainy. I started to put off switching the laundry until I had shoes on, or until the rain stopped. I had more than one load of clean laundry that turned slightly mildewy, and needed to be rewashed, after being forgotten in the washer for a day or so. I started asking Flint for help. (He seems to have shoes on more often than me :) "Honey, can you take the laundry out to to the dryer on your way out?" and "Could you run and get the dry cloths from the garage before you get dressed for bed?" etc...

Little did I know, that was all I needed to do to make a new dryer a priority for him too....


Michal said...

brilliant strategy, little sis! i'm so glad it worked!