Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hapuna Prince Beach Resort

Here is the view from the lobby of our hotel of the pool and beach!
Pretty incredible isn't it?

There is nothing quite like having a vacation on the company dime. When I vacation, I am afraid that I try to go economy in the accommodations and activities. When the event planner at the Hartford plans a vacation there is nothing economy about it!

We stayed at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel on the Kohola Coast of the Big Island. For a virtual tour of the hotel, with much better pictures than we could have taken, click on the link.
Here is the entrance, and walkway up to the golf course and spa.

Our room was large and beautiful. It had optional shuttered doors on the balcony and front door so that we could enjoy the cross-flow if ocean air in the room too. Here is a picture of Flint and Isaac looking out over the balcony, ready for an afternoon at the beach. I admit that I took others that showed more of the view, but I'm a sucker for a close up of Isaac in his shades.

Isaac loved the pool, and charmed everyone with his giggles and Mr. cool glasses. In fact, after our trip to the pool, he enjoyed the ocean water too!

The beach was crystal blue, beautiful...

and perfect for snorkeling, boogie boarding,
and/or just gazing out on...

One of my favorite spots to watch the sunset was the lounge level just below the lobby. They had a little four man Hawaiian band and a hula dancer there every evening. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the picture you'll see the dancer.

It was perfect! The music and dancer kept us, and most importantly Isaac, entranced while we looked out at the view of the sun setting over the ocean.

We were spoiled and pampered, and loved every minute of it!


Michal said...

holy cow. i will probably never stay in a place like that, since we are self employed and both of us are too much of economy shoppers. unless we get a screaming deal on priceline or the likes. how fun for you guys.

Erika said...

What fun. All your pictures look like so much fun.
Now when you come to visit again, we can go to the beach and Isaac will enjoy it because he's been in the water before!

Tyler said...

stay in school kids.....oh wait....crap.

scrap chair potato said...

Great pictures. I love the photos of Isaac in the Mr. Cool sunglasses!

Becky said...

How wonderful for you guys! I'm so glad that you had such a relaxing vacation in such a great spot!

King Klan said...

What a fun trip the pictures are great Isnt crazy how much you have to pack for a baby. The girls take up more room then me and adam
oh what city are you living in and do you like it or love it and your ward?

Katz said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm jealous.