Sunday, May 11, 2008


Because my Mother's day card did not arrive in the mail yesterday, I thought I would post a little something here to let you know how special you are to me. Here are several reasons why you are so amazing:

- You wanted a big family.

- You wake up early and have a "productive morning".

- You watch Jeopardy and try to answer the questions before the contestants do.

- You are not afraid of a challenge (or at least you act like you are not afraid).

- You sew beautifully. (check out the Zurg costume she made for Kimball)
- You go to Curves three times or more every week.

- You are an amazing 1st grade teacher.

- You are the major influence, but are happy to sit back and let us think that it is our idea.

- You taught seminary for 4 years!

- You were the Cub Scout den mother for 8+ years.

- You sent all 6(+1) of your children on their missions.

- You sent all 6 (+1) of your children to college.

- You play the piano.

- You taught yourself to play the organ when you were called as Ward Organist.

- You never turn down a church calling (ie. Seminary teacher, cub scout den mother, ward organist...)

- You showed me how to make a weekly menu and shopping list.

- You kept my closet (and Michal's closet) fully stocked with pretty (hand made) church dresses throughout our childhood.

- You are fun to do projects with.

- You are creative and clever.

- You made dinner for the family every night!

- You love the gospel.

- You married Dad!

- You held scripture study (devotional) and Family Home Evening.

- You are and were supportive and encouraging of us even when it mean (meant) more work for you. (Student officer campaigns, participation in musicals, sports, music lessons, choral groups, my bread making "business", any and all extra-curricular activities...)

- You made fresh bread.

- You are an artist. Even your doodles are beautiful!

- You made our home a welcome place for friends.

- You took us on vacations every summer.

- You showed us that Johnson's have "high standards".

- We wanted to live those high standards to make you proud, not to avoid punishment.

- You told me that "Johnsons don't get Cs on their report cards."

- You opened your home back up to your adult children when you should have been an "empty nester".

- You helped me to go back to school to earn my Teaching Credential.

- You helped me to pass the classes I needed in order to earn my Teaching Credential.

- You are the first one I call when I need advice and wisdom, or just a clever idea.

- You are my mom, but you have become a dear friend.

- When I go with you, even trips to the grocery store, Target, and Costco are fun!

- You put up with your children's teasing (and seem to enjoy it.)

- You can plan a great party.

- You let me turn your house into the singles ward hang out for late night games.

- You set and keep lots of fun family traditions.

- You cry when you open a great present.

-You bought Settlers of Catan so that your kids would come over and play. (We did.)

- Your love of the gospel and your testimony of Christ is apparent in you words and in your actions.

- You came to Isaac's birth.

- You pampered me while I was recovering from Isaac's birth.

-You taught me how to take care of babies, and gave me lots of practice with little brothers.

- You come up to visit us whenever you can.

- You let us come visit you whenever we can.

- You make and have made millions of little sacrifices for your family, and act like it is your pleasure. ("Sure, you can use my car..." "Why don't I come by and help you..." "Do you need any help in your classroom..?" "Why don't you bring the Boys over..."

-You helped create a family that we want to be with eternally.

- And all of that stuff Michal said.

- And all of that stuff The Deanery said.

I love you mom. You are my role model and friend. You are truly amazing. I wish that I could be with you this Mother's Day.

See you again soon!


Stuart said...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! We love you so much!

Stuart and Malia

Prudy said...

What a sweet letter to your mom. I feel like an eavesdropper....and I love it! That pic of your mom with the grandkids is absolutely adorable!

Erin said...

What a great tribute to your mom. Happy Mother's Day to her and you!

P.S. - I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your wedding! :)

Michal said...

waaaaaah. i'm crying again. alli, you summed up so well so many reasons why mom is incredible and we all want to be like her. i'm sure she squirmed while reading it because she doesn't enjoy all the attention and praise, but she deserves every bit of it.

McD said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Perhaps this is the reason she didn't answer the phone on Mother's Day.

Mahina said...

what a great tribute to your wonderful mom!

Gene said...

Hey guys, I wanted to first check in on you, and second let you know we have some of your mail. I wanted to forward it too you if you thought any of it was important. email me.

Christine said...

I love your mom- she is fabulous! (as is the Zurg costume!!!)