Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Pair of Shoes

As the seasons change and it starts to get cooler, the transition from flip flops to "real" shoes takes some getting use to. For Isaac, as the seasons change and his walking skills advance, the transition from bare feet to any shoe at all takes a lot of getting use to .

(Here is Isaac in his new front facing car seat, on the way to the shoe store.)

We went to the Stride Right outlet store and got Isaac sized for new shoes last Saturday afternoon. She originally told us that we should get him a 6 1/2 wide, so that he would have some growing room. We found a pair and put them on his feet, but they were ridiculously big. The poor boy kept stepping on his own toes as he attempted to walk across the floor. I didn't get a video of that first attempt because I was to busy catching him as he fell down, over and over.

We decided that we should try the 6W and found that there was still plenty of growing room, but not as much "tripping surface". They were a little brown boot, with a fairly stiff sole. Here he is trying to walk in them. They are a little better...but he does keep tripping over himself.

Even though we knew he would get use to walking in them eventually, be decided to look for something that was a little more flexible. We found a cute little pair of flexible tennis shoes for him. Here is his maiden voyage. He still needs to get use to them, but he did much better this time. (He did have a little extra motivation, there were some little girls in one of the isles around the corner that he really wanted to find.)

I can't believe how big he is getting. (Thanks Nana for the early Birthbay gift!)

P.S. I took all of the video and pictures with my cell phone, since I left the real cameras at home. Hey, bad quality is better than nothing.


Becster said...

I thought Trev's feet were big when they measured 5 1/2!! Go Isaac! He's a great walker! Trevor is a little behind him, but has been walking a lot more this week. Pretty soon they will both be running around. Too bad we don't live closer to each other they would have so much fun.

Forest said...

Isaac looks like little Frankenstein. Noah is a pretty good little walker but put some shoes on him and he doesn't even want to try.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Michal said...

you should hear my children gushing right now about how cute isaac is in his new shoes and his new car seat.
they're right, of course.

stephanie said...

so cute. he looks like such a big boy in the car seat with his arms on the armrests!
hey - i've been trying to add that same prop 8 graphic you have on your sidebar and can't get it to work. how did you get yours?

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

so cute. And except for stomping in rain and snow, the Robeez shoes (and the cheap Target knock-offs) are SO great-- flexible and easy to walk in, plus machine washable. My kids always LOVED to switch to the front-facing car seat. It's like a whole new world is opened up to them.