Monday, September 22, 2008

New Couch

Yes, we did get a new couch. And, at my mom's request, here are some pictures of it for your viewing pleasure.

When we got married and were looking for free or inexpensive furniture, some friends in our ward gave use thier couches. They were hand-me-downs they had gotten from her sister when they had gotten married. They were actually in great shape for being hand-me-down, hand-me-downs. They served us well for the last three years, but for the last year, since we moved into our house, I have been looking for and longing for something fresh and better suited for our new space. (P.S. I know the picture on the wall is too high, but it is just hanging on a existing nail. I haven't wanted to hang pictures, or buy a rug, etc. until I have the couches to match them to. Thank you to Richare and Myrna for the loaner rug in the mean time.)

I found a sectional at Becks Furniture at least 9 months months ago that was the size and shape that I wanted for the room. It was reasonably price but still more than I could justify spending when we had just added a mortgage and baby to our expenses. So I waited patiently and kept my eye on the sales.

Well last week two things happened. First, we got our "economic stimulus" check. Second, the exact couch that I have wanted went on sale at a local store called "Stupid Prices". It was a good three hundred dollars less than even Becks best sale price (and was still brand new in the factory shipping wrap, not an old floor model now for sale). We debated a bit and then jumped at our chance. We wanted to do our part at "stimulating the economy", right?

Plus, I can finally start decorating my living room. (Flint made a deal with me before we made the big purchase, that we could get them if I agreed to hang pictures on the wall during the next two weeks.)

Anyway, Flint and I love it, and Isaac thinks that it is pretty fun too!

Now for those pictures on the wall...Any suggestions?


Erika said...

So cute! Is it like ours? It looks like it... I love the texture if it is.

Anonymous said...


Heidi just informed me that someone finally appreciates my jokes. All of these years of winding up with yoke on my face in the name of humor has paid off. Thanks for the shout out in your blog about (being tagged) the crack –up.

I created a fake blog, that is supposed to be funny, but Heidi thinks it is weird. It is a bit I admit, I wanted to quit writing it because at first no one would read it so I would have to leave random messages for people, to try and drum up business. Now I have a few fans. I think I tried it out with you and your sister, you know, the one girl in your family that relishes motherhood. Anyways speaking of relish it is almost lunch time.

Take care,


Grammy said...

Love the new sofa/sectional - wish I could see it in person.


Michal said...

yay for the new couch! i just hope it's your kids and not mine who put the first stain on it!:)

Tyler said...

Wow it is high flattery when my aesthetically conscious sister picks the same couch. Makes me more confident in my choice. Now if I could just get my kitchen to match like yours......

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love that color brown. New furniture is fun, especially when you've lived with hand me down- hand me downs for most of your marriage, been there. I think the best accessory in the room is the cute little blond lolling the couch!

Nana said...

How about a family picture wall? I love Aunt Kimberly's arrangement hung on metal rods...and Macy's vinyl words. I'll bet you could come up with a merger of the two.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome!

Kimball said...

paint isaac pictures for the wall.