Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Guess who is one year old!!!

We love you sweet Isaac and are so blessed to have you in our lives! Every age has been my favorite so far. I am excited to see what the next year brings.

(Yes, this is a random slide show, but it is supposed to be Isaac eating cake.)

I spent a long time on creating a birthday cake slide show, on Saturday, but when I went to post it, the code kept giving me this other persons show. Very strange and frustrating. I am working on making another one. But until then, I think that you can view the right show by going to this URL. I love technology.....


Nana said...

Nice post on Prop 8.
I cut and pasted the URL, and watched the real slide show. That looked like a lot of work - too bad it isn't on your blog. Keep trying, so it will be preserved for posterity.

scrap chair potato said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!
I will go and watch the slide show. That is so strange that you got that girls pictures. I wonder if she got yours, lucky girl. :)
I hope you get it all worked out.

scrap chair potato said...

Okay, I just watched the slide show. Isaac is so cute. When I saw the picture of him grabbing the cake with both hands I was hoping the next picture would be of him stuffing his face into it! He did a great job making a mess though. I love the cakes, as usually they were beautiful.
Scotty looks like his is so concerned about the mess, or totally jealous!
It looks like you threw a great party!

Erika said...

What fun it was! Happy Birthday Isaac!!!
Can you just delete the girl's slideshow (go into edit) and post the link to yours instead? weird.

Allison said...

ok, I deleted the randon girl's slide show, but even when I went back on to RockYou and made another slide show from scratch, the code still brought up the girl's show. I guess you'll have to click the URL.

Grammy said...

What fun - loved the slide show. Looked like Isaac totally enjoyed his cake. Happy Birhtday Isaac!