Monday, April 28, 2008

Playing with Cake

A few years ago my sister found out about a cheese cake recipe contest sponsored by Philadelphia and Gourmet Magazine . The winner would get either $100,000 or new professional kitchen appliances, or something like that. She decided to create several cheesecake recipes. She ended up creating several amazing cheesecake recipes, six of which she entered into the contest, including a lemon raspberry and a chocolate mint truffle that are to die for. She unfortunately did not win the contest (although I think she should have), but since then she has become famous for her cheesecakes.

Last summer, a friend from her ward approached her about doing the "cake", or more appropriately, the cheesecake for her wedding. It was a huge undertaking, but my sister is just that crazy, so she said yes. The wedding was beautiful, and the cheesecake was fabulous. Michal was not experienced with fondant at the time, so she found a friend that could decorate the cheesecakes that were on display in lieu of traditional wedding cake. They were simple, but gorgeous.

Fast forward to this spring. Michal had another request for wedding cheesecakes. This time, she volunteered me to be the one to decorate the wedding cake. The bride wanted a very simple cake--one layer of cheesecake. No other tiers. At first, she specified no embellishments. We slowly convinced her that she should at least have fondant, then flowers, then a ribbon.

The cheesecake was lemon raspberry, which Michal and the bride's mother made ahead of time and had frozen. We then iced it with buttercream and covered it with a buttery yellow fondant.

It takes much more time than it seems like it should take, but Isaac was happy to sit and watch, as long as I kept him stocked with a cheerios and toys while he watched. "Come on mom, can't I have some of that?"
After I covered the cake with fondant, I brushed with pearl shimmer, and trimmed with brown organza ribbon. By then Isaac was ready for his mom to pay him some more attention.

At the reception the florist tucked a few fresh flowers around it. It was simple and elegant and not bad for my first fondant cheesecake if I do say so myself. :)

This is what it looked like during the reception, after they cut it.

Here are some of the shots of the cheesecake we served that night at the reception:

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake with Lemon Curd and Raspberry Reduction

Classic New York Cheesecake with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache

Michal and I actually went to the reception too to cut and plate all of the cheesecake. By the end of the day, we were ready to get off of our feet and, I might add, O.D.ed on sweets. :)

So Evan, what kind of cheesecake do you want at your wedding?


Malia said...

Wow Alli that looks beautiful! And sooooo delicious!

Mahina said...

you are evil! my mouth is watering and i want some cheesecake, NOW! it turned out beautiful! i wish i lived close to you and had a special ocassion that called for a cake! you are so talented!

Erin said...

Holy cow! You guys should go into business!

Did you learn everything from your sister-in-law? I really want to learn more about cake decorating. I'm SO impressed!

stephanie said...

the cake is so elegant and classic. i love it! you are so talented!!

Mandibulus said...

I'm quite impressed. They look beautiful, and delicious.

Evan said...

I choose all of them! Seriously I think I'll have a little of everything you've posted. Now its just a matter of picking a date for my big day!