Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh how I love a sleeping baby!

At first it seems like all they do is sleep. Sometimes during the first week I wondered if Colin would ever open his eyes. He even closed his eyes when he was awake or eating.

Those rare awake and alert times were precious, and we got out the camera to capture the moment. Hey look! He's awake!

Now at 6 weeks, I am afraid that he has forgotten how to sleep!

I feed him, I burp him, I bounce him, I rock him, he falls asleep. I put him down in bed... and in about 5-10 minutes...
(This is just a picture of some tummy time, but the sequence was right.)

I get him up, I check to see if he still has a bubble, I try to give him a pacifier, I check his diaper, I rock him, I bounce him, I pat him on the back, he goes to sleep... and the sequence starts over again.
Most of the time during the day, I just give up trying to put him down in his bed and strap him into the Moby. (THANK YOU ERIKA!) I strap him to me, and he fall right to sleep so I can do the dishes or cook dinner.
Or, if I'm really lucky...
Nana comes over and rocks him while he sleeps and I can work unencumbered.
But when he finally gives up an goes to sleep and stays asleep...
That's right, I get out the camera to capture the moment. Hey look! He's asleep!
I love you Colin! Especially when I decide to give in, let the dishes go, and just take the to cuddle you.


Anonymous said...

I just realized I've been spelling Colin with too many "l"s. Whoops.

Allison said...

We spent his first day of life debating one or two "l"s. We are not offended by anyone who misspells it. We like it both ways.

mahina said...

he is so sweet! my 6 month old just took to this same sequence! i don't know what is come over her. she has NEVER had a hard time with naps. but the last several days i have tried putting her down for several naps and she will wake up as soon as she hits the mattress! what is a mom to do??! i hope she gets over this VERY quick!! good luck with getting yours to sleep. i remember that it is around 6-8 weeks when our babies start having more wakeful hours in the day!

Grammy said...

So sweet...wish I was there so I could take my turn snuggling Colin.


Erika said...

Oh I love cuddly babies!!
You're welcome on the saver for sure :-)