Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Dancer

A couple weeks ago when Isaac's cousins came to visit we had an impromptu dance party in our front room. Forest had created several family slide shows set to music that we were watching on our TV. When the music changed from a slow soft song to one with a beat Isaac, Emily and Noah got up and started to dance. Emily decided that it needed to be a dance contest and put on her show with all her serious moves. After each song she asked us, "Who won? Who won?" Isaac was encouraged by the fact that not only did he have a couple dance partners, but he defiantly had an audience. He pulled out some pretty good moves himself. :) Watch out ladies!

Here is a quick slide show of some of the moves that I caught on camera.

Here is one of the videos that I caught of the event. Unfortunately, the lighting in the room was kind of dim and my video camera is low quality so the picture is pretty grainy. Plus, I have to apologize in advance to Emily. I am afraid that I was focusing on Isaac and often cut off her head and miss some of her dancing.

Let me know in your comments who you think "Won" the dance off. I'll be sure to let Emily know.


Allison said...

Ferkins are born with skillz --As for the winner of the dance contest, it hinges on Genre. Emily has the style but if you are looking for solid mosh pit technique, Isaac has the upper hand--


Grammy said...

To cute...sorry Emily, although you have great dance style I'm afraid Isaac had mad dancing skills. That boy can move.


Anonymous said...

yes Issac dance good and very good.

Anonymous said...

Issac is the winner