Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colin's Second Day

I decided to try a short slide show on RockYou!.com since it is such an easy program to use (uploads really quickly, I already know how to use it, etc.). I hadn't used it in several months and hoped that the glitch that brought up some girl and her boyfriend's slide show instead of mine would be somehow fixed by now. Unfortunately, the glitch has not been fixed.

I guess I will be finding a new slid show sight for sharing the rest of my pictures. For now, here is the link, where you can see a few random pictures we took in the hospital room, pictures of Colin's "waiting for dad to bring the car around photo shoot", and his welcome home "Birthday" party. (The link works, I just can't get my slid show embedded in the post.)


Anonymous said...

Those are two cute boys!

Every once in a while Isaac looks like Flint to me in a picture.

Michal said...

i love all the pictures of your two boys together. adorable.

forest: every once in a while? he always looks like flint!!!:)

tutu lady said...

What a beautiful baby! I love all the pictures of both boys. Very nice family. Congratulations! Malia and Stuart were here and no one told me you had a new baby! CONGRATULATIONS on your new family addition.