Saturday, June 27, 2009


What is it with boys and weapons? I swear, Isaac watches shows like Cars, Toy Story, Baby Einstein, and Signing time. Not Transformers, Star Wars, or other shoot-em-up movies that older boys seem to love. But, he knows just what to do with a sword or light saber. Every stick becomes a gun/sword type weapon, with sound effects included.

In May we went to Southern California for an unofficial Ferkin Family Reunion. Isaac and Fawn's boys found a couple of Grammies swords and the battles began. I am afraid that when Isaac starts swinging, you have to be quick to defend yourself or you'll get whacked. Owen was usually the only cousin who was up to the challenge.

Watch out! This kid is all boy!

Well at least until you get the doll out.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! that doll part cracked me up.
Good sword battle pictures too.

Scrappy said...

So cute!
My boys use parts of their GeoTrax railroad as swords and guns. I don't allow those kinds of toys in my house. A lot of good that does me, huh?
I love that Isaac is so sweet to his doll. When I was pregnant with Dusty I gave Ned a doll. When he opened it he hugged it and was sweet to it for a minute and then he grabbed the doll's arms and started to make it punch me. Nice. At that point Ned had never seen any shows with violance. I guess boys will be boys!

Michal said...

You know it has been a while between posts when your own mother has given up checking for updates. Nothing wrong with an all-boy boy. I do need to brush up on my defensive moves, though.

Jamie said...

Isn't it wonderful to know you have a normal healthy boy! I tried calling you the other day. I am so happy to hear about your new little one. I miss you and hope you are doing well.

Tamara said...

best EVER! :)

Palmyra said...

Ha ha!! Alex does the same thing! Grandma Carol has a baby doll for the girls and he found it the other day and well, same thing. I could really relate to this one.

Michal said...

sounds like he is well balanced. nurturing and protective and a bit aggressive. :) he is so much fun to watch in action.