Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning Flint had an early appointment. When he came home at 9:30 he announced that he was taking the day off. "No work today." he declared. "What do you want to do?" he asked me. I was excited at the prospect of my hard working (sometimes work-o-holic) husband taking the day off in the middle of the week and since it is Valentine's Day, I said, "Let's go to San Francisco!" I could tell be the look on his face that he had something else in mind. In fact, he had several other things in mind. I guess my idea of a "No work" day is a little different than his. These are the things that he had written down on his things to do wish list that I found on his desk:

  • Demo the concrete rock garden

(admittedly the ugliest thing about our house, but this involves renting a jack hammer, sledge hammer etc. to break up the concrete, borrowing a truck, hauling it all to a landfill, and then at least smoothing out the dirt and respreading woodchips.)
  • Plant seed and trim bushes (by the driveway and on the side of the house.)(not quite sure what he wants to plant)

  • Cut down trees (about 10-15 large volunteer trees along the fence in our backyard and along the neighbor's driveway in the back of the yard)

  • Build a mail box

  • Take down and replace light (big ugly light on the garage, over the driveway; the second ugliest thing about our house)

  • Get an impact wrench and do the breaks on the Saturn

  • Landfill (I assume this relates to the demo work and tree cutting.)

  • Go to Chipotle for lunch (This was not written on his list, but he told Isaac that it was.)

So I guess San Francisco is out? I decided that in order to show my love I would let him "not work" today. With two conditions, he not try to do all of the projects on his list today, and I get to choose the movie that we watch tonight. :)

Can I tell you that he is in heaven today?

He went to Harbor Freight and bought some "essential" tools. Then he borrowed a chain saw from the neighbor and started chopping (The trick is getting him to stop chopping!).

I went to Trader Joes and got the makings of a mouth-watering romantic Valentine's dinner and then swung by Chipotle to pick up lunch.

He just came in and excitedly announced that the other neighbor not only had a rope that he can borrow, but he has a "chipper" to grind up the clippings!

Simple pleasures. I love my sweet hard working husband. Isaac finally went down for a nap so I think I'll go out and help for a bit.

I'm sure we'll make it to San Francisco someday.


Michal said...

what a romantic he is! i can see that he took this day off just for you!;) just think about how great your house will look when his projects are done.

scrap chair potato said...

It is so great to see pictures of your house. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures of all of those projects. I like having your husband home on an unexpected day off even if he is doing something like working in the yard; it is just nice to be able to be near them.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A woodchipper! That is pretty cool. We'll have to have a work party/vacation to bust up the rock garden.

Rhonda said...

AAAAACK! You let him loose with a chainsaw? You are lucky there are any bushes left in your yard.
Do you remember that your father's idea of a fun thing to do on Thanksgiving mornings was trim the hedges of our small village?

Mahina said...

what is it about men and their tools! he look s absolutely thrilled out there with chainsaw in hand! a few years ago i got mitch a chainsaw for valentine's day! so romantic, our husbands!! haha!

Erika said...

Great post. Fun to see Flint so happy :-)