Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain and Lemons!

I know, I have been totally lame about posting. I have been too busy living through a terrible hacking cough cold, and reading about Evan and the 31 Dates of course. If you haven't, start reading!

The weekend before I got hooked on 31 Dates, and the weekend that I got my cold, Flint, Isaac and I took a trip down to Southern California. Flint had his company's 2008 awards banquet in Anaheim on Saturday, but we decided that since we were going to drive down, we might as well add a couple days on each side of that event to visit with Family and give Nanna, Grammy and Grandpa a chance to play with Isaac. Let's face it, they don't really want to see us anymore. The cute little (but quickly growing) grand kid is all they are interested in.

Forest also blogged about our lemon harvest, but since I had a few more pictures I thought that I would add pictures to his post.

We love all lemon juice, but the real fun was getting together with Great Grandparents Ferkin and Forest's family for the harvest.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, I'm glad you shared them. I particularly like the last one with the funnel.

We miss you guys :) .

Nana said...

Thanks for the post...Pictures are not as good as being there, but they last longer. Wasn't there a Disneyland visit too?

Grammy said...

What a fun day - look at all the wonderful fresh lemon juice. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Wish I had been there. Just looking at all those sunny lemons and cute kids makes me happy.

Michal said...

i want lemons! those look so inviting. how is it that i just barely saw this post?

Christine said...

do you make cakes for $$? If so- what would you charge for this: :)