Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flint's New Office

Flint has a new office!

I have my house back! That is, now I don't have to tiptoe around the house all day so that I don't disturb him or interrupt a phone call. On the down side, I seem to have lost my husband. He has been putting in very long days. Most days he is gone for 12-14 hours! It is so strange to have him gone all the time when he used to be home. Hopefully he will be able to cut back a bit once he gets everything rolling.

Everything is going smoothly so far. We have the work stations/supplies/copier... all set up and organized, Hartford came out to do a launch and trainings, and Flint has hired 4 or 5 agents. It looks like his agency is off to a great start. Congratulations honey. Thanks for working so hard.


Michal said...

what a gorgeous office! you guys got an even better deal than i thought!
btw, you might want to figure out how to blur out the last name on the picture of his office door. unless you don't care anymore about the internet veil of secrecy.
congrats on getting your third bedroom back. even if you'd rather have a husband than a third bedroom. oh the upside, maybe he won't notice as much while i whisk you away on roadtrips.

Allison said...

I just deleted the picture. Thanks

scrap chair potato said...

The office is so nice! How exciting for him!
Do you have any fun plans for the reclaimed room?

Mahina said...

that is a great looking office! congrats to flint! that must be weird to have him gone for so much time when you were used to having him around all day! now you are just like must of us stay at home moms who don't see their husbands except at night!

Prudy said...

Congrats Alli and Flint. I love the silly pic of your sweet baby and I can't wat to see him.

Nana and Grandpa Neilson said...

Hey Allison~~~don't ask me how I travelled to your blog. I'm a habitual blog hopper and love to read about all the kids I miss and love from wards past!
I was just up your way last way last week visiting Spring and we called Michal (who was in UT it turned out) hoping to be able to get together. Email me @ with your phone number so next time I'm in town we can try to catch you!
The new office looks awesome and we wish you both MUCHO success!